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Code of Conduct

We are proud of the leadership and reputation that Dove Healthcare has in the community. In order to meet and exceed our mission, as well as create a positive working culture, each of our employees is personally committed to continually enforcing and adopting the following attitudes and behaviors:

  • I will take personal responsibility for my actions and behaviors. If events happen that are unfavorable, I will look to see where I can improve or change to prevent those events from happening again.
  • I will work at developing a culture of trust and respect. I will acknowledge each employee in a positive manner, by listening to each other's ideas and concerns, by recognizing each other's efforts and contributions, by keeping my agreements and promises, and by showing support of team members to other team members. If I have a problem with a team member, I will normally only address the concern to that person, not to anyone else.
  • I will be an active participant at team meetings. I will listen, acknowledge, and contribute to the best of my ability so the meetings will be productive and proactive.
  • I will be genuinely concerned about each team member's personal welfare. I will do what I can to help others succeed and share in the excitement of their accomplishments.
  • I will communicate in a manner so others will know they can believe, depend, and count on what I say. I will be frank, tactful, open, and honest with those with whom I communicate. I will give feedback when appropriate. I will ask the same from my team members.
  • My behaviors will be proactive, not reactive. I will avoid taking statements too personally. When I have a concern about a statement, I will ask for clarification to understand, rather than reacting to what I feel at the time.
  • I will demonstrate pride and a sense of ownership in my role at Dove Healthcare. I will work with all my team members to show we are committed to Dove Healthcare's mission and supportive of its core priorities. Should conflict occur, I will utilize my communication skills to listen, understand, and resolve the conflict with a win-win solution.
  • I will work as part of a holistic team. I recognize all departments need to work together in order to achieve Dove Healthcare's mission. My job focus will be on achieving success throughout Dove Healthcare and not just in my department.

Comprehensive Benefit Package:

Health Insurance 1st of the Month After Hire (30+ hours/week)

Dental, Vision, Supplemental, and *Life Insurance Options

*Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Child Care Reimbursement (Up to 20%)

Tuition Reimbursement (Up to $1,000/year)

Health Club, Weight Loss, or Gym Membership Reimbursement

Scholarship Opportunities

Paid Time Off and Bereavement Pay

401k Retirement Plan with Company Match

Employee Assistance and Wellness Program

Free Yoga Classes

Employee Recognition and Awards

Employee Referral Bonus Program

*This benefit is available for full-time employees.

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